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come away with me

The young adults of Redeemer (CORe, if you'd like to check us out a little) just returned from a lovely night out at Molly Malone's. We dined on fish and chips and shepherd's pie and cheese sandwiches and bread pudding. We acquitted ourselves well in the pub quiz, living up to our name: Team Moderately Awesome. We talked a bit about God and church politics but mostly just hung out and had a good time.

Thursday, Loving Husband and I host the Hyde Park youth ministers at stately Connor Manor. Several of them have mentioned, after committing to the evening, that they have meetings to attend that evening. I get that--don't we all have important things to do? Time doesn't stop on your day off. But don't we also have a responsibility to let go every now and again?

After the first seven days of creation, God went walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze. Isn't that lovely? I can just imagine God strolling barefoot in the twilight, the sun's gone down but it's still light, stars are appearing, and the light breeze lifts God's hair and caresses God's cheek. Simply put, God enjoyed creation. One of the first things we know about God is that God enjoys this world. Shouldn't we?