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Soul Graffiti by Mark Scandrette

Evocative look at how to be a person of Spirit. Mr. Scandrette is a young, thoughtful, and welcoming Christian (or, in his words, a Follower of the Way). He writes about "experiments in truth," taking action based on a wholistic and loving understanding of scripture. Basically, stop talking about it and live it. And, lest you think he's another zealous and conservative evangelical who means "condemn" or "act self-righteous" when he says "live it," what he actually means is talk to your neighbors and hear their stories and their pain. Help clean their houses or mow their lawns. Offer dinner to the people you wouldn't be caught dead with out in the world. Meet people where they are. And be met in return. It's fantastic. Perhaps my favorite part is when he talks about a ministry his house church has developed called the Jesus Dojo. How cool is that?

Even if you don't read the whole book, check out the chapter that's linked from the title. (yes, I already linked it but it's worth the click-through) Made me weep with fear and joy.

Scenic Lexington

Loving Husband and I are on vacation in scenic Lexington. Our hotel is lovely. It doesn't smell of smoke. It has wifi and a pool. Is in walking distance of a Waffle House. The bed has six pillows. We have a stunning view of the parking lot. It has cable so I can stay up late watching documentaries about BBQ.
We've a bottle of Cabernet to drink, friends to visit, and enough books to last us several weeks. In short, everything we could have hoped for.