Would you believe we had 15 Junior High youth last night to watch Batman Begins? Fifteen! And several I'd never even seen before. Good times.

This was our inaugural occasion for movie-watching on the new giant-screen TV in the youth room. It's like 3 feet by 4 feet of pixellated glory. The boys were all about Bruce Wayne learning the ways of the ninja and wailing on bad guys BUT at the end when he and the love interest looked like a kiss was immanent, they all predictably lost interest and started murmuring among themselves. The girls, of course, all squealed.

So, what was it that got 15 kids there last night? No homework? It is a holiday week, but would teachers not assign anything? Was it my phone calls to all of them after church? That hasn't worked so well in the past. Was it just good timing? This is the normal Monday-morning question for me--why did they come?